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São Miguel Island Azores

Facts and information about São Miguel Island.

São Miguel is the largest and most beautiful Island in the Azores archipelago in Portugal. It is also considered to be the best choice when traveling to the Azores since it has so much to offer. You can easily spend two weeks on this amazing Island without seeing all that São Miguel has to offer. What makes this Island perfect is that it has a mild weather year round and that you can start your holiday by exploring the capital city Ponta Delgada and then move on to see the beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, caves and hot-springs.

Either if you are looking for an exciting holiday with nature scenery, activities, shopping or just relaxation then São Miguel is the best travel destination in the Azores. It is not without an reason São Miguel is called the green Island by the local Azorean people. With the mild weather year round São Miguel is truly exploding in colors with flowers and plants from all over the world. The combination of lagoons, waterfalls, tropical fruit trees, hot-springs and beaches makes São Miguel an very attracting Island in the deep blue Atlantic ocean. The botanic gardens and parks on São Miguel is fully packed with spectacular unusual plants and is well worth a visit.

The Azorean people living on São Miguel is very friendly and helpful. The Island are considered to be extremely safe even at night since criminality is very rare.

Exploring Sao Miguel from Kaneos Media on Vimeo.

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São Miguel is a truly beautiful island with a outstanding nature. We can help you to plan your holiday with everything from hotel reservations, rentals and excursions.

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